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Bonnie Beecher
Come Wander With Me


Come Wander With Me- Bonnie Beecher

From the episode of The Twilight Zone-Come Wander With Me

I’ve thought this song was beautiful in an eerie way since the first time I saw the episode of The Twilight Zone it’s from and felt like I needed to share it. It reminds me of something I would find on sixpenceee’s blog idk

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Favorite Touhou Characters: 2/??

Character: Yoshika Miyako
Species: Jiang Shi
Appearance: Ten Desires, stage 3 boss
Theme song: Rigid Paradise
Favorite remix: hibiki (retro/electro) + a shoutout to the Sega Genesis remix
Favorite Spell Card: Poison Nail “Zombie Claw” (from Impossible Spell Card)

As comical as she is creepy, the braindead Yoshika has quickly climbed the ranks among my favorites. Her lovable loyal-yet-dumb personality tied with her not-so-lovable decomposing zombie corpse and ferocious appetite make her a very fun character to interact with. I also adore her Egyptian-sounding theme song, and the giant clumps of slow-moving bullet patterns she attacks with. It gives her a very unique and memorable feeling.


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