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Alright, so I finished Amid the Ruins and started browsing tags for the Walking Dead, and I am ridiculously surprised at how many people are hating on Luke for this episode. His actions and reactions to everything throughout the episode made perfect sense relating to his personality and their overall situation, and he is still one of the most greathearted and selfless characters in the entire story. He makes one very human mistake during a time of extreme emotional stress and suddenly he’s being cast as a raging asshole for it.

When you pay attention to his dialogue and body language, he’s obviously exhausted and grieving, yet bottling up everything and trying to hold himself together for the sake of everyone else. No matter how hard he tries, everything just goes wrong and falls apart, and he blames himself for it. He doesn’t have to explicitly state this because the writing shows it through his dialogue, behavior, and reactions to events. It’s a great example of showing instead of telling.

His outburst at the end isn’t because of Jane, it’s because of everything that’s happened over the past couple days, and Jane being the straw that broke the camel’s back. The one thing he had going for him after everything horrible that’s happened suddenly falls apart and he’s hurt and lashing out. He felt betrayed during a time of need, which is an absolutely horrible feeling to cope with.

Yes, he made a mistake, just like everyone else in the entire story has made mistakes. That doesn’t automatically make him a terrible person and discredit every single selfless, brave, and caring thing he’s ever done or said.

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Is the World Ready for a Video Game About Slavery?

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